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Call a Residential Insulation Contractor for These Areas!

Parts of Your Home to Insulate

Are you planning to get your house insulated? Or, is this only applies to the basement? Insulation brings forth a number of benefits such as energy efficiency and adding to property value. However, most homeowners are unable to determine which part of their home should be insulated. An insulation contractor can install in different areas of a house depending on the temperature of the room or space. Some areas are more prone to getting warm or cold than others; regardless, here are areas most residents would choose to insulate:


The attic is a good place to install insulation. This is where your heating and cooling equipment is kept, and it is also where your furnace and air conditioner are installed. It is a good idea to insulate the attic because it makes your HVAC equipment run more efficiently since there would be less heat generation.

Crawl Space

The crawl space is another area that can benefit from having insulation installed. This is because it acts as a storage place for excess heat during the summer months. The excess heat will not only make the area uncomfortable but will also increase the power consumption of your HVAC equipment.


The kitchen is usually the room where people spend most of their time during the day and this makes it an ideal place for insulation considering how much heat it gives off. An insulation installation can also be an opportunity to make kitchens safer to prepare dishes since installations can act as deterrence to fire hazards.


The basement is a common space to have insulated. Since it is often a drafty area, it is ideal to have insulation. Not only can this secure your basement, but also deter moisture to seep and damage your home’s foundations.

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