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Basement Insulation Tips You Should Know About

Which Insulation Material to Use for Your Basement?

A basement is an opportune space for any residence. It can be an additional guest room or even a leisure room. In order to achieve a free, comfortable basement, insulation may be needed. However, if you’re already planning to get this project done, you might be wondering which material fits my insulation needs. Here are some of materials you can consider:

Oil-Filled or Batts

These are long rolls of fiberglass that are either in batts or loose. They can be used as flexible insulation in areas that don’t need much insulation because they’re easy to install. Plus, unlike other insulation materials, they are inexpensive. However, they don’t keep the heat very well, so if your basement is used for storage, you need to consider something else.

Batt Insulation

This is also known as rock wool and is made from the rock which has been melted and spun into fiber form. It’s a good insulator but is more expensive than most other options and doesn’t hold heat very well so it should only be used where it’s not important to have a good seal against air leaks.


This is still one of the most popular basement insulation options, especially if you’re building a house with a concrete foundation. It can be installed using simple tools and makes an ideal interior wall finish that won’t absorb moisture. You’ll want to use two inches of the drywall on each side of your basement walls. Complete every installation with a coat of finish to make sure it lasts for a long time.

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